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Camp Barrel Collar Shaft Zinc Anodes

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  Camp Barrel Collar Shaft Zinc Anodes
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Camp Barrel Shaft Zinc Anodes

Camp Barrel Shaft Zincs Anodes are made of Mil-Spec Zinc Alloy and have a copper contact on each half for a permanent electrical connection.  Models X-1 through X-5 have two stainless steel allen screws.  Models X-5A and larger have four sets of screws.  Stainless steel nuts are pressed in, and plastic retaining washers ensure that the screws do not fall out during installation. 


  • Best choice for salt water vessels.
  • Regular and "Heavy" anodes.









X-13/4"2-1/8"2"0.8 lbs5/32"
X-27/8"2-1/8"2"1.1 lbs5/32"
X-31"2-1/8"2"1.0 lbs5/32"
X-3A1"2-1/8"2-3/8"1.2 lbs5/32"
X-41-1/8"2-1/8"2-3/8"1.2 lbs5/32"
X-51-1/4"2-1/4"2-1/2"1.3 lbs5/32"
X-5A1-1/4"2-5/8"2-5/8"1.8 lbs5/32"
X-61-3/8"2-5/8"2-5/8"1.6 lbs5/32"
X-6H1-3/8"3-1/4"3"3.2 lbs5/32"
X-71-1/2"2-5/8"2-5/8"1.5 lbs5/32"
X-7H1-1/2"3-1/4"3"3.0 lbs5/32"
X-81-3/4"3-1/4"3"2.7 lbs3/16"
X-8H1-3/4"3-1/2"3-1/2"4.1 lbs3/16"
X-92"3-1/4"3"2.7 lbs3/16"
X-9H2"3-1/2"3-1/2"3.6 lbs3/16"
X-102-1/4"4-1/4"4"6.1 lbs3/16"
X-112-1/2"4-1/4"4"5.0 lbs3/16"
X-11H2-1/2"4-3/4"4"7.6 lbs3/16"
X-122-3/4"4-3/4"3-5/8"7.2 lbs3/16"
X-133"4-3/4"3-3/4"6.1 lbs3/16"
X-143-1/4"5-1/4"3-3/4"7.8 lbs3/16"
X-153-1/2"5-1/4"3-3/4"6.8 lbs3/16"
X-163-3/4"5-5/8"3-3/4"8.8 lbs3/16"
X-174"5-5/8"3-3/4"7.2 lbs3/16"


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